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Radar X
A waste collection solution for healthcare facilities 


Radar X is a complete sharps waste collection solution for healthcare facilities. The service aims to make the process of medical waste disposal more efficient and economic by building a decentralised network that distributes the treatment to several autoclaving facilities instead of relying on one central collection unit.

My role

Responsible for research, conceptualization, user interface 


4 Designer, 1 Mentor 


December 2020-May 2021

Who Are We

Our take makes waste mentality

We are depleting our finite resources by following the Take Make Waste paradigm, which encourages raw materials to be collected, transformed into products that are used briefly, and then discarded. This causes material scarcity, disruption of supply chains, and inflation. :(


The Indian subcontinent scenario

India produces about 2 billion tons of waste each year, and during the pandemic this amount quadruples, even the state of art waste management system couldn’t process so much waste, filling landfills at an unprecedented rate

Chart 2.png

But it didn't stop here


The Vaccination drive, Landfills, and Incineration

With the mission to vaccinate against covid, a nationwide vaccination mission started; this mission vaccinated around 7 billion (at the time of  Research, March 2021). An unprecedented amount of syringes were used, which essentially went to landfills or were incinerated, causing loss of semi-precious materials, increased chances of chemical poisoning to workers, and increased events for reuse of unsterile syringes via scavengers.

Group 69.png
Image by Diana Polekhina

Opportunity Identified

How might we effectively and ethically treat and dispose sharps waste 


Understanding Hospital scenario - Inside the hospitals

To understand how the syringes finally end ups in the landfill, we track back the journey of syringes - during the journey we identified various stakeholders, and insights were drawn from the stakeholder via interviews, as is scenario mapping, empathy mapping 

Research location - New Delhi

Participant of Research- Multi-speciality hospitals, Community hospitals, and Bio-medical waste treatment companies.


Method used - Telephonic interviews, In-person interviews

Group 236.png
Group 238.png

Waste Management NGO Chintan

Hospital, Nurses, Waste collectors

Group 239.png
Group 237.png

Bio Medical Waste Treatment Plant

Indian Society of
Hospital Waste Management

Insights and assumptions

In-person visits and research shattered our preassumed workflow of hospital and filled with more concrete insights and more thoughts. The more we listened the greater were our understanding about hospitals

From the multitude of stories that we heard from our primary research, we extracted the ones that stood out for us and mapped them onto our System Map.

This enabled us to focus on the crux


Our preassumptions were shattered and were replaced by new and concrete insights

Need Statement

How might we effectively and ethically treat sharps waste to allow for safer handling and disposal

To understand the granularity of individuals and processes in the vast system, we decided to focus on specific stakeholders: Nurse, Sanitation workers, and BMW worker and to present the insights, let's look at the storyboard below,

Group 624.png




Group 630.png

These three main stakeholders were the pillars of the waste management in any tertiary hospital in Delhi, these pillars need to work harmoniously with each other to ensure a proper waste management of the hospital

Group 237.png

Presenting RADAR-X

Group 875.png
Group 607.png
IMG_3062 1.png

Radar X is a complete sharps waste collection solution for healthcare facilities. We deliver our services through a decentralised network that distributes the treatment to several autoclaving facilities instead of relying on a central unit, in the process making disposal efficient and economic.

Let's look at how the solution works
Group 390.png

AI Enabled and works on a Data Repository

Group 391.png

Caters to the Overlooked users

Group 389.png

Focuses on Mutual Value Creation

Group 392.png

Readily Scalable
& Easily Expandable

Radar X Worker App

The Radar X worker is responsible for visiting the hospitals on the scheduled date and replacing the filled boxes with clean empty ones. For this the worker scans the qr code on each box and collects them to further autoclave the boxes and the needles/barrels.

Group 644.png
Group 607.png
Group 606.png
Hospital Worker App

The hospital worker is responsible for maintaining a record of the bio medical waste and if it is being treated and disposed ethically. They also make sure that the waste is getting properly segregated and is not mixing up.

Group 643.png
Potential Impact
Group 623.png
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