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Hi there, I am Arnav. A Digital Product Designer

Currently designing at Intuit | Prev. Philips Experience Design , Innovaccer
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Reimagining Innovaccer User onboarding and education 

A framework that supports the Innovaccer line of products and helps establish a better understanding of the products for our Users.

Radar X : Bio-medical waste management solution

Radar X is a circular service that aims to make biomedical waste management more efficient and economical in India by building a decentralized network.

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Oto: Emergency Reporting  for Deaf

Oto is an inclusive product that enables those who cannot effectively communicate to report and reach out for help during emergencies while considering cognitive capability during stressful situations

Arth: See what your money means

Arth is a simple device that helps the blind identify money for the Indian scenario post demonetisation. Arth provides a simple and Intuitive approach using tactile abilities to do the same.

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